DAYBREAK is a collection of tales told by light. Together, we have compiled our stories about the intimate vastness of the world under the sun and moon. 


During the turbulent moments in life, we find comfort in the rise and fall of the sun. As its natural pattern brings consistency to our chaotic days, the sun paints an ever-changing picture that helps soften a hardened world. Light has the power to make us feel indescribable things. A golden mountain face hovering above a blue valley, purple skies reflecting off glassy water, the softest blue hour light drifting in through a bedroom window—all of these things have the ability to make our mind stop and our eyes glimmer.


Light is like a visual soundtrack that complements our every move. Although the tales told here may not directly focus on light, all of our stories are directed by its presence. As creatives in the outdoor world, we’re always working in tandem with our natural counterpart. Some days it’s a loving relationship, while others it’s like being stuck in a nasty divorce. We’re here to tell the story of that relationship, as loving and hateful as it may be.


To date, we have released two volumes of DAYBREAK. With each print, we continue to grow and build on the last. DAYBREAK V.1: The Water Volume, was a huge launching pad for us. As our first swing at the print, the contributions from those in and around our community were priceless. In our newest release, we continued to lean on and give a platform to the voices from the around us who's stories and lives we have the upmost respect for.

DAYBREAK V.2: Strong Coffee


To stay thawed in the dark, cold months, many of us find comfort in a scolding hot pot of coffee. Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee is as warming to the soul as the sound of a thick, Yooper accent. That first whiff melts away the frozen feeling in your head, while the first sip thaws out the rest of your body. Coffee’s an important piece of most cultures’ mornings across the globe, but it holds a much deeper place within the colder regions of the world.


Whether it’s your grandparent’s darker than dark Folgers blend, shitty instant coffee in the backcountry, or whatever’s still hot in your thermos when you make it back to the car, there’s a distinct feeling associated with that first smell and sip. Throughout V.2, we’ve tried to capture the essence of that feeling. 


DAYBREAK V.2 is now available online and in select stores. It was a long winter and we all deserve to take a breath. Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee, sit down, and stay a while. 


The Specs:


- 176 Pages

- 8.5"x11" Perfect Bound

- Soft Touch Cover

- Locally Printed